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Outdoor Testing

Friction-, Grip-, Contact-Patch-Measurement

IGTS-Industrial Grip Testing System

Tire braking and traction performance measurement

Design features

The trailer is made of a stiff frame with independent wheel suspension for the left and right wheels and is equipped with a variable….


The trailor speed measurement is precisely done directly at both carrying wheels. Different speeds measured at the left and right side indicate deviation from…


The test-wheel carrier design enables to turn the wheel by 90° around its vertical axle for wheel exchange…


Contact patch analysis system

OD-FPAS is a combined optical and tactile measurement system. It consists from a watertight container, which will be integrated into the pavement of a test track.  The container is topped with a rigid glass-plate, which is optimized to be used for orthoscopic recording or photographing of overrunning objects from underneath.  The glass-plate itself is mounted in either single- or multi-component load cells to measure the actual load of an overrunning object, as long as it is in contact with the glass-plate. Multi-component load cells allow the measurement of lateral and longitudinal forces as well as the corresponding moments.

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