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Welcome to the world of tire testing


Altracon is the world leading solutions provider for tire and friction testing technology!

Altracon – the ONE-STOP SUPPLIER for high performance test and measurement equipment with more than 35 years of experience!


Customized solutions for your measuring tasks !

Indoor and Outdoor testing equipment

Indoor testing

– Friction/ Grip Measurement
– Friction/ Rubber characteristic/ damping

– Tire stiffness
– Footprint (static)
– Loaded contour
– Plunger Testing
– Bead unseating testing
– Cleat Testing (pitch cut)
– Road Hazard Impact Testing

– Footprint dynamic (slow rolling)


Outdoor testing

– Grip/ Breaking performance DRY and WET

– Road Surface characterization

– Footprint (dynamic)

– Loaded contour (dynamic)

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Assistive Technologies for Tire R&D

– Tire Section Cutting

– Track / Rubber sample wear measurement

– Snow Track Preparation (Indoor Testing)

– Grosch auto loader (for LAT100)

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Technical SERVICES
Valuable, reliable, experienced
– Installation
– Maintenance
– Calibration
– Retrofitting
– Relocation
– Training



The reference for wet and dry grip road measurements!

Design features

The trailer is made of a stiff frame with independent wheel suspension for the left and right wheels and is equipped with a variable….


The trailor speed measurement is precisely done directly at both carrying wheels. Different speeds measured at the left and right side indicate deviation from…


The test-wheel carrier design enables to turn the wheel by 90° around its vertical axle for wheel exchange…


For more information see our brochure or simply contact us. sales[a]altracon.com

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High Speed Linear Friction Tester (HSLFT)

Measuring the real µ 

A key solution for development engineers!
HSLFT is a friction tester, neither for measurement of wear nor abrasion. Friction testing with the HSLFT is a huge step forward in the process of tire development. It reduces risk by increasing the number of test cycles offers the customer a far shorter delay of launching his product by reducing the number of road tests and cuts development costs by creating an indoor all-season tire test environment.

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Drum Tire Testing Machines

Altracon 2 Pos. Ply Steer Endurance Testing Machine

A powerful, modular test machine concept compliant to valid standards and customizable to meet your requirements.
Drum Tire Testing Machines are available for all tire classes from two wheelers up to XXXL OTR tires and for almost every measuring task. A user-friendly HMI enables easy and save operation. Altracon FDS, an early failure detection system, and Altracon EPCM, an Efficient Power Consumption Management system, care for reliable and economic operation. State of the art tire testing. 

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