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Tyre Asia
HSLFT testing machine for highly efficient tyre development
Todays vehicle development is faced with tremendous challenges. The environmentally friendly car is highly efficient, low-noise, comfortable, just to mention a few major development targets. Tyres, as everybody knows, are the link to the road. Besides the general concept of the car it is self explaning, that the first priority should be to tune their performance, which contributes significantly. More...

Tyre Asia (ATRC 2017)
Measurement of Friction: Altracon Solution
Measurement of friction is a challenge. There are too many parameters, too many environmental conditions which affect the result. Measurement of friction needs just a short process, but it is essential to keep the parameters constant and under control. Other procedures which offer a parameter change over time are not suitable to determine the real coefficient of friction. More...

Tyre Asia
Testing Extremes
The new 2 Pos. Agricultural Tyre Endurance Testing stand that Luxembourg based machinery manufacturer Altracon developed combines technology innovation with creative ideas. It is is designed to take tyres up to 2.500mm diameter with 20t wheel load capability each. More...

Testing Extremes
Altracon successfully took the challenge to build a heavy duty tire test stand.
Altracon recently handed a 2 Pos. Agricultural Tire Endurance Testing Machine over to a customer. It is designed to take tires up to 2.500mm diameter with 20t wheel load capability each. A big, heavy duty machine with multiple built in design- and functionality-features such as Rolling Resistance-, Plunger- and Footprint-Testing capabilities, combined with incredible performance values. More...

Tyre Asia
Machines & More
What makes Altracon, the Germany based providers of equipment for tyre testing and tyre quality enhancement, different from others is in the way the company sees its role in the market. That goes beyond merely manufacturing machines for tyre makers. Altracon combines technology innovation with creative ideas and management consultancy to meet and exceed its customers' expectations and overcome the typical barriers between these business areas. More...

Altracon steps into the Indian market
A 4-Position tire test stand starts handed over to an Indian customer.
Altracon set-up a new 4-position high speed endurance test stand in India and handed it over to the proud customer. This test stand is the first test stand for the Indian market that was completely built new by Altracon after some retrofit projects that were done earlier in India. The technical data are convincing. More...

Altracon prepares for future challenges
We have recognized the need! The increasing demand for tire testing equipment, retrofits and services from ALTRACON requires an expansion of the companies manpower to further improve our typical strengths. You know these besides others as creativity for custom made testing solutions and equipment with a fair price, reliable delivery times and highest quality. More...

Outdoor Foot Print Analysis System
Altracon, a leading manufacturer of linear friction testing equipment, recently presented its latest concept for dynamic footprint measurement. The new dynamic outdoor footprint load deflection testing measurement combines the experience and expertise of the company in the field of static and dynamic measuring and high speed data recording. More...