Altracon-Foot and Load Print Tester

Foot and Load Print Tester

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Foot And Load Print Tester

The PLT Contact Pressure Tester is a precision load application and footprint analysis tool with a machine design based on the proven Altracon LDMT. It consists of a reinforced vertical L-frame base with spindle adjustment and hydraulic loading of the tire. Footprint analysis is done with the non-spinning tire. The wheel/ tire is loaded to a flat surface, which consists of a crystal clear glass plate while the wheel spindle is locked. Special lighting of the glass plate allows to visualize the contact patch and to record it either with a video camera or with a photo camera from underneath through the glass plate. Vertical force and deflection of the tire are synchronously measured and recorded. The glass plate can also be covered with a special rubber mat, which is calibrated for its grey scale appearance depending on the load being applied. This will be used to visualize and calculate the contact pres-sure distribution. All relevant conditions of the tire/ wheel will be controlled or measured. Data are stored in a system data base.