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Tyre Asia (ATRC 2017)

Measurement of Friction: Altracon Solution
( June 2017 )

Measurement of friction is a challenge. There are too many parameters, too many environmental conditions which affect the result. Measurement of friction needs just a short process, but it is essential to keep the parameters constant and under control. Other procedures which offer a parameter change over time are not suitable to determine the real coefficient of friction. The Luxembourg based Altracon offers a High Speed Linear Friction Tester (HSLFT) with the unique possibility to determine friction coefficients of rubber samples on different surfaces and under various operating conditions to predict compound and pattern influences on the grip and traction performance of tires. The latest generation of this precision measurement tool was recently launched. It was designed and constructed in such a way that all relevant tire testing conditions including the environment, the test specimen and the track are conditioned and controlled. Click on the image for full article.